Our FineLine Marketing Group e-commerce solutions offer robust web-to-print applications. Our online ordering system streamlines the print management process. Whether items are printed on demand, pre-printed and fulfilled from inventory, or not printed at all (promotional items), they can be centrally ordered, managed, fulfilled and distributed from a single, easy-to-use, secure branded web portal. We offer online ordering personalized for each client. Our password-protected system allows you to order and proof printing online ensuring product consistency and faster turnaround time.

These e-commerce tools help you support sales reps, agents, franchisees, partners and other stakeholders locally or around the globe, protecting your corporate brand image while improving speed and flexibility. Because all your print orders are placed through a central system, forecasting is easy and managers can effectively manage department print order approvals. System features also include: online catalogs, warehousing and distribution, shipment and tracking, as well as cost center tracking. Contact us today and begin a dialogue that will surely increase the efficiency of your print buying.

Jump Cart

JumpCart is a workflow-based inventory management system that conforms to the way your company works. With it, you can automate your supply order and inventory management processes reducing operational costs and improving overall business performance.

JumpCart provides real savings by:

  • Reducing requisition-to-order cycle time and costs
  • Eliminating maverick spending
  • Decreasing inventory carrying costs
  • Protecting you from costly stock-outs

Combining a hosted application with compact, lightweight keyfob barcode scanners, JumpCart can be implemented quickly and requires minimal support. It’s compatible with your existing ERP or procurement applications, yet powerful enough to serve as a standalone eProcurement system. Contact FineLine Marketing Group today to see how this “technology solution” can benefit your organization.

How it Works

JumpCart Workflow Diagram

Pressure Seal

How can your business use pressure seal mailers?

If your business issues paychecks, that is the first application to implement immediately. If your business does direct mail programs, pressure seal forms are a sure way to get your mailing out faster and more efficiently.

Other applications include:

  • Accounts Payable Check Printing
  • Any Other Check Printing
  • Applications
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Delinquent Notices
  • Customer Letters
  • Notices
  • Refunds or Rebates
  • Purchase Orders
  • Grade Cards
  • Tax Forms
  • Reports/Newsletters
  • Divident/Interest Notices
  • Promotions
  • Benefits Mailings
  • License Applications
  • Renewals
  • Subscriptions
  • Reservation Confirmations
  • …And More

    Technology Solutions

    We deliver information technology products to businesses of all sizes and industries.  Our products  are delivered as a strategic component for our customer’s operations, contributing to bottom line profitability.