Photography Hi-res Digital

High resolution digital photography is the heart and soul of Fineline Marketing Group. We are equipped with state of the art digital equipment, color management software and technology. Along with our high resolution digital photography comes our color correction, image manipulation, file management, set building, styling and archival capabilities.

Whether you require a single product shot or a catalog with 1700 items, no project is too small or too large, and you and your project will be treated as our most important job.




Set Design



Web Design

Build your corporate and brand identity, increase your sales volume, or create a powerful and highly effective tool for your sales staff. These are a few of the functions a well designed, attractive website can perform for your company. We know … it has worked for us!

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Graphic Design

At FineLine we work closely with you to ensure we create design that captures the uniqueness of your business and separates you from your competition. Our creative, unique graphic designs provide an eye-catching and appealing way to deliver your marketing message with impact.

Catalog covers, catalog pages, brochures, sell sheets, flyers, postcards, logos, letterhead, business cards, cd covers, package graphics, folders, presentation materials, newspaper and magazine ads, billboards, signs and displays, trade show and convention graphics, corporate identity programs, point of purchase graphics … you name it, we’ll provide graphic art geared toward your own unique corporate image and the unique requirements and expectations of your projects.

FineLine Marketing: Graphic Design

FineLine Marketing: Graphic Design

FineLine Marketing: Graphic Design

CD Media

Your company and your product or services can be carried with you as easily as you can carry a CD disk. These can be left behind after meetings and sales calls to continue to work for you after you’re gone. Or mail your capabilities to those potential clients that are harder to reach. If you need a few or 100,000 disks we can create and produce them to your exact specifications.

FineLine Marketing: CD Media

FineLine Marketing: CD Media

Catalog Production

We can take your catalog from concept and design, through copy writing, to final pages and press ready files. Our catalog production allows you to produce your company’s catalog project more efficiently by managing the project entirely under one roof. For many organizations their product catalog is the most important selling tool they use. At FineLine we understand that an effective product catalog can play a significant part in the growth of your business. Contact us today and discuss how FineLine can support your business in catalog production.

FineLine Marketing: Catalog Production

FineLine Marketing: Catalog Production


VirtuaMedia, utilizing QuickTime VR (Apple’s award-winning photorealistic cross-platform virtual reality technology), makes it possible to both explore places as if you were really there or view an object (ie: product) to give the illusion that the “user” is physically picking up and turning an object. The user can utilize the mouse or keyboard to manipulate viewing angles to move around an object or environment. The user can also zoom in or out to enlarge or reduce the size of the displayed object or location.

At the intersection of commercial photography and virtua technology, QuickTime VR takes the photographic image from the flat, two-dimensional world into a more “immersive” 3D experience for the user. This interactive approach allow the viewer to explore and examine detailed virtual worlds using a computer and mouse, offering interactive virtual reality scenes with point-and-click simplicity, turning photography into attention-grabbing 360-degree views. Both objects and panoramas can be fully interactive, with zooming, animation, and hot spots linked to other multimedia experiences such as video. VirtuaMedia makes any product or environment come-to-life, offering exciting additions to any educational, entertainment, or commercial web site!

These examples are in a quicktime format. Quicktime VR works in both the Mac and PC environments, so don’t worry it will play on your machine. The “Q” that will appear indicates that the image is loading. The loading process time will vary according to your internet speed.

Click the links below for some of our examples.

FineLine Marketing: VirtuaMedia

Ray Allen Bobblehead
Animated Alarm Clock
Prototype Package Design

Below are some examples of panoramic photography. We can take any physical area, whether it be outside or indoors, and turn it into an interactive experience. Just click on a picture and drag your mouse to see the entire space.

FineLine Marketing: Panoramic Photography

Rock Band
City Block

Digital Solutions

FineLine Marketing Group partners with you to select the specific mix of digital solutions to effectively overcome your marketing challenges.

Our design team pulls from the many solution services we have to offer in the focused goal of achieving your objectives.

We offer you state-of-the-art digital technology graphic creativity and a highly skilled staff which together bring you the highest quality budget sensitive results.

Fineline Marketing - Digital Solutions